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Pingyao Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon International Film Festival

  1. The Square
    Best Actor

    The Square

  2. Summer 1993

    Summer 1993

  3. The Rider
    Roberto Rossellini Award - Best Director

    The Rider

  4. Western


  5. The Nothing Factory

    The Nothing Factory

  6. Suleiman Mountain
  7. Jeannette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc

    Jeannette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc

  8. Have a Nice Day
    Fei Mu Award - Best Director

    Have a Nice Day

  9. Youth


  10. Outrage Coda

    Outrage Coda

  11. Sweet Country

    Sweet Country

  12. The Endless

    The Endless

  13. Last Flag Flying

    Last Flag Flying

  14. Angels Wear White
  15. Ismael's Ghosts

    Ismael's Ghosts

  16. Valley of Shadows

    Valley of Shadows

  17. Scary Mother
    Audience Award - Best of Fest Section

    Scary Mother

  18. Bloody Milk

    Bloody Milk

  19. A Gentle Night

    A Gentle Night

  20. Shuttle Life

    Shuttle Life

  21. Love and Bullets

    Love and Bullets

  22. The Brawler

    The Brawler

  23. L'ora legale
    Audience Award - Hidden Dragons Section

    L'ora legale

  24. Depi


  25. One Night on the Wharf

    One Night on the Wharf

  26. However


  27. From Where We've Fallen

    From Where We've Fallen

  28. A Test of Love Adventure

    A Test of Love Adventure

  29. Never Leave Me
    Audience Award - Galas

    Never Leave Me

  30. Bangzi Melody

    Bangzi Melody

  31. Ash


  32. Sky Hunter

    Sky Hunter

  33. Where Has Time Gone

    Where Has Time Gone

  34. Kill the Shadow

  35. A Fish Out of Water

    A Fish Out of Water