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Philadelphia Film Festival

  1. Farewell Amor
    Best First Feature

    Farewell Amor

  2. Nomadland


  3. Undine


  4. Minari


  5. Summer of 85

    Summer of 85

  6. Ammonite


  7. Acasa, My Home

    Acasa, My Home

  8. New Order

    New Order

  9. The Salt of Tears

    The Salt of Tears

  10. There Is No Evil

    There Is No Evil

  11. Black Bear

    Black Bear

  12. True Mothers

    True Mothers

  13. Night of the Kings

    Night of the Kings

  14. And Tomorrow the Entire World

    And Tomorrow the Entire World

  15. Spring Blossom

    Spring Blossom

  16. Dummy


  17. Jumbo


  18. Get the Hell Out

    Get the Hell Out

  19. Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time

    Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time

  20. Apples


  21. Come True

    Come True

  22. The Big Hit

    The Big Hit

  23. Survival Skills

    Survival Skills

  24. Huntsville Station
    Honorable Mention: Best Short Film

    Huntsville Station

  25. My Little Sister

    My Little Sister

  26. Lapsis


  27. Some Kind of Heaven

    Some Kind of Heaven

  28. Charter


  29. Trashy Booty

    Trashy Booty

  30. 40 Years a Prisoner

    40 Years a Prisoner

  31. No Ordinary Man

    No Ordinary Man

  32. Under the Open Sky

    Under the Open Sky

  33. The Ties

    The Ties

  34. Banksy Most Wanted

    Banksy Most Wanted

  35. Miracle Fishing

    Miracle Fishing

  36. Striding into the Wind

    Striding into the Wind

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