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Palm Springs International Film Festival

  1. Eva + Candela

    Eva + Candela

  2. Working Woman

    Working Woman

  3. The Wedding Guest

    The Wedding Guest

  4. Winter Flies

    Winter Flies

  5. Miriam Lies

    Miriam Lies

  6. Hidden Man

    Hidden Man

  7. The Quake

    The Quake

  8. We Are The Heat

    We Are The Heat

  9. Carmen & Lola
    CV Cine Award

    Carmen & Lola

  10. The Grizzlies
    Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature

    The Grizzlies

  11. Sofia
    New Voices/New Visions Award


  12. The Accountant of Auschwitz

    The Accountant of Auschwitz

  13. General Magic

    General Magic

  14. Husband Material

    Husband Material

  15. Mothers' Instinct

    Mothers' Instinct

  16. The Public

    The Public

  17. Tenderness


  18. Uncrushable


  19. Stockholm


  20. Light in the Water

    Light in the Water

  21. The Land of High Mountains

    The Land of High Mountains

  22. City of Joel

    City of Joel

  23. Cake


  24. All Is True

    All Is True

  25. Perfectos Desconocidos

    Perfectos Desconocidos

  26. Urgent


  27. Toman


  28. Cold Sweat

    Cold Sweat

  29. The Extraordinary Journey of Celeste García

    The Extraordinary Journey of Celeste García

  30. One Last Deal

    One Last Deal

  31. The Purity of Vengeance

    The Purity of Vengeance

  32. Ladies In Black

    Ladies In Black

  33. Fig Tree

    Fig Tree

  34. The Resistance Banker

    The Resistance Banker

  35. Look at Me

    Look at Me

  36. Take It or Leave It

    Take It or Leave It