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Palm Springs International Film Festival

  1. Illegal
    Best Actress (FIPRESCI Prize)


  2. Nothing's All Bad
    New Voices/New Visions Grand Jury Prize

    Nothing's All Bad

  3. Bi, Don't Be Afraid!

    Bi, Don't Be Afraid!

  4. Louder than a Bomb
    Best Documentary Feature (Audience Award)

    Louder than a Bomb

  5. Jane's Journey
    2nd Place: Best Documentary Feature (Audience Award)

    Jane's Journey

  6. October


  7. The Silence
    Directors to Watch

    The Silence

  8. The Albanian

    The Albanian

  9. David Wants to Fly

    David Wants to Fly

  10. The Light Thief

    The Light Thief

  11. Oxygen


  12. Young Goethe in Love
    2nd Place: Best Narrative Feature (Audience Award)

    Young Goethe in Love

  13. Hello, How Are You?

    Hello, How Are You?

  14. Small Town Murder Songs
    Directors to Watch

    Small Town Murder Songs

  15. Summer Pasture
    John Schlesinger Award

    Summer Pasture

  16. Africa United

    Africa United

  17. La petite chambre

    La petite chambre

  18. 18 Years Later

    18 Years Later

  19. Paper Birds
    2nd Place: Best Narrative Feature (Audience Award)

    Paper Birds

  20. Kinshasa Symphony

    Kinshasa Symphony

  21. In the Garden of Sound

    In the Garden of Sound

  22. The Pipe

    The Pipe

  23. Precious Life

    Precious Life

  24. The Space Between

    The Space Between

  25. My So-Called Enemy

    My So-Called Enemy

  26. Smoorverliefd


  27. Autumn Gold

    Autumn Gold

  28. Feathered Cocaine

    Feathered Cocaine

  29. The Hedgehog
    2nd Place: Best Narrative Feature (Audience Award)

    The Hedgehog

  30. Undertow


  31. Garbo: The Spy

    Garbo: The Spy

  32. Black Field

    Black Field

  33. 40
    New Voices/New Visions Special Jury Mention


  34. Nuummioq
    Best Actor (FIPRESCI Prize)


  35. Farewell


  36. How to Live Forever

    How to Live Forever

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