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Outfest: Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

  1. If It Were Love

    If It Were Love

  2. No Hard Feelings
    Best Screenplay

    No Hard Feelings

  3. Shiva Baby
    Best Screenplay

    Shiva Baby

  4. Ask Any Buddy

    Ask Any Buddy

  5. Dry Wind
    Special Mention

    Dry Wind

  6. The Gift

    The Gift

  7. Kapaemahu
    Audience Award


  8. Babydyke
    Best International Short Film


  9. Minyan
    Best U.S. Narrative Feature


  10. Magic Hour
    Special Programming Award for Artistic Achievement

    Magic Hour

  11. Heavenly Brown Body
    Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary Short

    Heavenly Brown Body

  12. Trashy Booty

    Trashy Booty

  13. Of Hearts and Castles

    Of Hearts and Castles

  14. Canis Major
    Audience Award for Best Experimental Short

    Canis Major

  15. Water


  16. Acuitzeramo


  17. LiME


  18. Where My Girls

    Where My Girls

  19. In France Michelle Is a Man's Name
    Grand Jury Award

    In France Michelle Is a Man's Name

  20. Last Summer with Uncle Ira

    Last Summer with Uncle Ira

  21. Bliss Is Orange

    Bliss Is Orange

  22. Meta


  23. #Gayboy2020


  24. Kind Of

    Kind Of

  25. Hidden Canyons
    Audience Award

    Hidden Canyons

  26. Tender


  27. Our Place Together

    Our Place Together

  28. The Dick Appointment

    The Dick Appointment

  29. Offline


  30. Flex
    Special Mention


  31. Catfish Killer

    Catfish Killer

  32. Yours Mine Ours

    Yours Mine Ours

  33. Valentina
    Best Performance


  34. Two Eyes

    Two Eyes

  35. Three Chords and a Lie

    Three Chords and a Lie

  36. Dreaming Like Louis

    Dreaming Like Louis

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