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Outfest: Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

  1. L.I.E.
  2. Gypsy 83
    Outstanding Actor in a Feature Film

    Gypsy 83

  3. Princesa
    Outstanding Foreign Narrative Feature


  4. All Over the Guy

    All Over the Guy

  5. By Hook or by Crook
  6. Gaudi Afternoon

    Gaudi Afternoon

  7. Trembling Before G-d
    Grand Jury Award

    Trembling Before G-d

  8. Julie Johnson
    Outstanding Actress in a Feature Film

    Julie Johnson

  9. Circuit


  10. Friends and Family

    Friends and Family

  11. Stranger Inside
    Outstanding Narrative Feature (Audience Award)

    Stranger Inside

  12. O Fantasma

    O Fantasma

  13. Presque rien

    Presque rien

  14. Burnt Money

    Burnt Money

  15. Our Lady of the Assassins

    Our Lady of the Assassins

  16. If These Walls Could Talk 2

    If These Walls Could Talk 2

  17. Adventures of Félix

    Adventures of Félix

  18. Fassbinder's Women

    Fassbinder's Women

  19. The Monkey's Mask

    The Monkey's Mask

  20. Chill Out

    Chill Out

  21. Kalighat Fetish

    Kalighat Fetish

  22. Grease