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Academy Awards

  1. The Cat Concerto
    Best Short Subject, Cartoons

    The Cat Concerto

  2. The Luckiest Guy in the World

  3. It's a Wonderful Life

    It's a Wonderful Life

  4. Notorious


  5. The Best Years of Our Lives

    The Best Years of Our Lives

  6. The Killers

    The Killers

  7. The Strange Love of Martha Ivers

    The Strange Love of Martha Ivers

  8. The Stranger

    The Stranger

  9. Canyon Passage

    Canyon Passage

  10. The Spiral Staircase

    The Spiral Staircase

  11. Duel in the Sun

    Duel in the Sun

  12. The Dark Mirror

    The Dark Mirror

  13. Humoresque


  14. The Razor's Edge
  15. The Blue Dahlia

    The Blue Dahlia

  16. To Each His Own
  17. Walky Talky Hawky

    Walky Talky Hawky

  18. The Harvey Girls

    The Harvey Girls

  19. The Yearling
  20. A Stolen Life

    A Stolen Life

  21. Musical Moments from Chopin

    Musical Moments from Chopin

  22. Road to Utopia

    Road to Utopia

  23. Squatter's Rights

    Squatter's Rights

  24. John Henry and the Inky-Poo

    John Henry and the Inky-Poo

  25. Anna and the King of Siam
  26. Best Short Subject, One-reel

    Facing Your Danger

  27. Hiss and Yell

  28. Seeds of Destiny
    Best Documentary, Short Subjects

    Seeds of Destiny

  29. College Queen

  30. Dive-Hi Champs

  31. Golden Horses

  32. Paramount News Issue #37

  33. Atomic Power

  34. Life at the Zoo

  35. Smart as a Fox

    Smart as a Fox

  36. Sure Cures

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