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Academy Awards

  1. Tabu: A Story of the South Seas
    Best Cinematography

    Tabu: A Story of the South Seas

  2. The Public Enemy

    The Public Enemy

  3. Little Caesar

    Little Caesar

  4. The Front Page

    The Front Page

  5. Svengali


  6. The Criminal Code

    The Criminal Code

  7. A Free Soul
  8. Skippy


  9. Smart Money

    Smart Money

  10. Trader Horn

    Trader Horn

  11. East Lynne

    East Lynne

  12. Cimarron
  13. Morocco


  14. The Dawn Patrol
    Best Writing, Original Story

    The Dawn Patrol

  15. The Doorway to Hell

    The Doorway to Hell

  16. Whoopee!


  17. Holiday


  18. Min and Bill
    Best Actress in a Leading Role

    Min and Bill

  19. Just Imagine

    Just Imagine

  20. Laughter


  21. The Right to Love

  22. The Royal Family of Broadway

    The Royal Family of Broadway