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Academy Awards

  1. This Love of Ours

    This Love of Ours

  2. Story of a Dog

  3. Sunbonnet Sue

    Sunbonnet Sue

  4. Why Girls Leave Home

    Why Girls Leave Home

  5. Jasper and the Beanstalk

    Jasper and the Beanstalk

  6. A Gun in His Hand

    A Gun in His Hand

  7. Your National Gallery

  8. The Little Witch

  9. Library of Congress

    Library of Congress

  10. Gypsy Life

    Gypsy Life

  11. Rippling Romance

    Rippling Romance

  12. What Next, Corporal Hargrove?

    What Next, Corporal Hargrove?

  13. Salty O'Rourke

    Salty O'Rourke

  14. Stairway to Light
    Best Short Subject, One-reel

    Stairway to Light

  15. The Jury Goes Round 'n' Round

  16. The Last Bomb

  17. G.I. Honeymoon

    G.I. Honeymoon

  18. Captain Eddie

    Captain Eddie

  19. Screen Snapshots Series 25, No. 1: 25th Anniversary

  20. The Unseen

    The Unseen

  21. Sing Your Way Home

    Sing Your Way Home

  22. Hitler Lives
    Best Documentary, Short Subjects

    Hitler Lives

  23. Life with Feathers

    Life with Feathers

  24. The Affairs of Susan

    The Affairs of Susan

  25. Incendiary Blonde

    Incendiary Blonde

  26. A Medal for Benny

    A Medal for Benny

  27. To the Shores of Iwo Jima

  28. The True Glory
    Best Documentary, Features

    The True Glory

  29. Paris Underground

    Paris Underground

  30. Flame of Barbary Coast

    Flame of Barbary Coast

  31. Captain Kidd

    Captain Kidd

  32. A Song to Remember

    A Song to Remember

  33. Rhapsody in Blue

    Rhapsody in Blue

  34. The Spanish Main

    The Spanish Main

  35. The House I Live In
    Honorary Award

    The House I Live In

  36. Tonight and Every Night

    Tonight and Every Night