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Academy Awards

  1. Bitter Sweet

    Bitter Sweet

  2. Primrose Path

    Primrose Path

  3. Second Chorus

    Second Chorus

  4. Dr. Cyclops

    Dr. Cyclops

  5. Abe Lincoln in Illinois

    Abe Lincoln in Illinois

  6. The Fight for Life

  7. Hit Parade of 1941

    Hit Parade of 1941

  8. Teddy the Rough Rider
    Best Short Subject, Two-reel

    Teddy the Rough Rider

  9. Behind the News

    Behind the News

  10. Eyes of the Navy

  11. Captain Caution

  12. My Son, My Son!

    My Son, My Son!

  13. Women in War

    Women in War

  14. Service with the Colors

  15. Typhoon


  16. Siege


  17. Quicker'n a Wink
    Best Short Subject, One-reel

    Quicker'n a Wink

  18. Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet

    Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet

  19. One Million B.C.

    One Million B.C.

  20. The Boys from Syracuse

    The Boys from Syracuse

  21. They Knew What They Wanted

    They Knew What They Wanted

  22. Rhythm on the River

    Rhythm on the River

  23. The House of the Seven Gables

    The House of the Seven Gables

  24. You'll Find Out

    You'll Find Out

  25. Lillian Russell

    Lillian Russell

  26. Swiss Family Robinson

    Swiss Family Robinson

  27. The Howards of Virginia

    The Howards of Virginia

  28. Tin Pan Alley
    Best Music, Score

    Tin Pan Alley

  29. Dark Command

    Dark Command

  30. The Invisible Man Returns

    The Invisible Man Returns

  31. Edison, the Man

    Edison, the Man

  32. Music in My Heart

    Music in My Heart

  33. Too Many Husbands

    Too Many Husbands

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