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Olhar de Cinema - Curitiba International Film Festival

  1. The Wolf House

    The Wolf House

  2. Inland Sea

    Inland Sea

  3. Sol alegria

    Sol alegria

  4. The Endless Film

    The Endless Film

  5. Yours in Sisterhood

    Yours in Sisterhood

  6. Black Mother

    Black Mother

  7. The Widowed Witch

    The Widowed Witch

  8. Nervous Translation

    Nervous Translation

  9. Our Song to War

    Our Song to War

  10. Solar Walk

    Solar Walk

  11. The Tree

    The Tree

  12. Hair Wolf

    Hair Wolf

  13. One or Two Questions

    One or Two Questions

  14. Mangrove


  15. Carlotta’s Face

    Carlotta’s Face

  16. A Moon Made of Iron

    A Moon Made of Iron

  17. The Blessed

    The Blessed

  18. Behind the Shutters

    Behind the Shutters

  19. The Cemetery Lightens

    The Cemetery Lightens

  20. Diários de Classe

    Diários de Classe

  21. Imfura


  22. Madness


  23. The Dead Nation

    The Dead Nation

  24. Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun?

    Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun?

  25. Playing Men

    Playing Men

  26. Our House

    Our House

  27. The Seen and Unseen

    The Seen and Unseen

  28. Camocim


  29. Good Luck

    Good Luck

  30. The Bottomless Bag

    The Bottomless Bag

  31. António and Catarina

    António and Catarina

  32. We Are All Here

    We Are All Here

  33. Silica


  34. Gaze


  35. The Last Song for a Rude Heart

    The Last Song for a Rude Heart

  36. Travessia