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Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

  1. There Lived the Colliers

    There Lived the Colliers

  2. Nothing Happens
    Immersion Award

    Nothing Happens

  3. Noiseless, Desert Extras

    Noiseless, Desert Extras

  4. Protocols


  5. Bernard and Huey

    Bernard and Huey

  6. The Mountain of SGaana

    The Mountain of SGaana

  7. All Small Bodies

    All Small Bodies

  8. Shadow Nettes

    Shadow Nettes

  9. Milk
    Prize Focus Québec/Canada


  10. All You Can Eat Buddha

    All You Can Eat Buddha

  11. Palmerston Blvd.

    Palmerston Blvd.

  12. Samui Song

    Samui Song

  13. Fabula Rasa

    Fabula Rasa

  14. A Skin So Soft

    A Skin So Soft

  15. Impassenger


  16. What Happens to the Mountain
    Special Mention: Dada Award

    What Happens to the Mountain

  17. Les Animaux Domestiques

    Les Animaux Domestiques

  18. Colour My World

    Colour My World

  19. Birdlime
    Special Mention: P’tits loups Award


  20. Zombillénium


  21. Crème De Menthe
    Short Film – Focus Québec/Canada People’s Choice Award

    Crème De Menthe

  22. Tijuana Tales

    Tijuana Tales

  23. Double Sentence

    Double Sentence

  24. Sea Sorrow

    Sea Sorrow

  25. Napalm


  26. A Drowning Man

    A Drowning Man

  27. Life Cycles

    Life Cycles

  28. Granular Film - Beirut

    Granular Film - Beirut

  29. Holy Air

    Holy Air

  30. Pornocracy: The New Sex Multinationals

    Pornocracy: The New Sex Multinationals

  31. Bad Lucky Goat

    Bad Lucky Goat

  32. Acts & Intermissions

    Acts & Intermissions

  33. Wallay


  34. Headbang Lullaby

    Headbang Lullaby

  35. Donkeyote


  36. Honeygiver Among the Dogs

    Honeygiver Among the Dogs