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New York Film Festival

  1. My Dinner with André

    My Dinner with André

  2. The Aviator's Wife

    The Aviator's Wife

  3. The Woman Next Door

    The Woman Next Door

  4. Le Pont du Nord

    Le Pont du Nord

  5. Mur Murs

    Mur Murs

  6. Documenteur


  7. Vernon, Florida

    Vernon, Florida

  8. Mephisto


  9. Beau-père


  10. Passione d'amore

    Passione d'amore

  11. Looks and Smiles

    Looks and Smiles

  12. Soldier Girls

    Soldier Girls

  13. We Were German Jews

    We Were German Jews

  14. Lightning Over Water

    Lightning Over Water

  15. Taxi zum Klo

    Taxi zum Klo

  16. The Mystery of Oberwald

    The Mystery of Oberwald

  17. The Contract

    The Contract

  18. The Beads of One Rosary

    The Beads of One Rosary

  19. The Witness

    The Witness

  20. Bob le flambeur

    Bob le flambeur