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New York Film Festival

  1. Seoul Electric

    Seoul Electric

  2. Burrow-Cams


  3. Handful of Dust

    Handful of Dust

  4. Into Water’s Vibration

    Into Water’s Vibration

  5. Automobile


  6. Vocal Flame

    Vocal Flame

  7. Aujourd’hui


  8. Animador


  9. My Mind's Own Melody

    My Mind's Own Melody

  10. 9 Meter

    9 Meter

  11. True-Life Adventure I

    True-Life Adventure I

  12. Into Earth’s Vibration

    Into Earth’s Vibration

  13. Distance –Landscape, Football Field

    Distance –Landscape, Football Field

  14. Duration, Landscape Rocks

    Duration, Landscape Rocks

  15. Painter and Ball 4­14

    Painter and Ball 4­14

  16. Etienne’s Hand

    Etienne’s Hand

  17. Oramics: Atlantis Anew

    Oramics: Atlantis Anew

  18. Film Socialisme

    Film Socialisme

  19. Archipelago


  20. Sound Seam

    Sound Seam

  21. Duration Landscape Cornfield

    Duration Landscape Cornfield

  22. Onomatopoeic Alphabet

    Onomatopoeic Alphabet

  23. The Senate Speaks

    The Senate Speaks

  24. Protecting Arizona

    Protecting Arizona

  25. Brothers and Rivals

    Brothers and Rivals

  26. Ain’t the AFL for Nothin’

    Ain’t the AFL for Nothin’

  27. Marking Up the Dream

    Marking Up the Dream

  28. The Kids Across the Hill

    The Kids Across the Hill

  29. Sam in the Snow

    Sam in the Snow

  30. The Game Is On

    The Game Is On

  31. Mountains and Clouds

    Mountains and Clouds

  32. The Senators' Bargain

    The Senators' Bargain

  33. Voodoo


  34. Mercúrio


  35. Field of View #1

    Field of View #1

  36. Lake Tahoe

    Lake Tahoe