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National Board of Review

  1. The Truman Show
    Best Supporting Actor

    The Truman Show

  2. Buffalo '66
  3. Happiness
  4. Central Station

    Central Station

  5. Shakespeare in Love
    Top Ten Film

    Shakespeare in Love

  6. A Simple Plan
  7. Gods and Monsters

    Gods and Monsters

  8. Pecker
    Best Supporting Actress


  9. Stepmom
    Best Supporting Actor


  10. Your Friends & Neighbors
    Special Recognition

    Your Friends & Neighbors

  11. Smoke Signals
    Special Recognition

    Smoke Signals

  12. Waking Ned Devine
    Special Recognition

    Waking Ned Devine

  13. The Opposite of Sex

    The Opposite of Sex

  14. Playing by Heart
    Breakthrough Performance - Female

    Playing by Heart

  15. Next Stop Wonderland
    Special Recognition

    Next Stop Wonderland

  16. The Hi-Lo Country
    Breakthrough Performance - Male

    The Hi-Lo Country

  17. Dancing at Lughnasa
    Top Ten Films

    Dancing at Lughnasa

  18. Life Is Beautiful

    Life Is Beautiful

  19. Lolita
    Top Ten Films


  20. The Butcher Boy
    Top Ten Films

    The Butcher Boy

  21. Wild Man Blues
    Best Documentary

    Wild Man Blues

  22. The Thief
    Top Foreign Films

    The Thief

  23. Love and Death on Long Island
    Special Recognition

    Love and Death on Long Island

  24. Men with Guns
    Top Foreign Films

    Men with Guns

  25. Passion in the Desert
    Special Recognition

    Passion in the Desert

  26. Beyond Silence
    Top Foreign Films

    Beyond Silence

  27. The Last Emperor
    Freedom of Expression Award

    The Last Emperor