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National Board of Review

  1. Days of Heaven

    Days of Heaven

  2. Autumn Sonata

    Autumn Sonata

  3. Interiors
    Top Ten Films


  4. Superman
    Top Ten Films


  5. Girlfriends
    Top Ten Films


  6. Pretty Baby
    Top Ten Films

    Pretty Baby

  7. Coming Home

    Coming Home

  8. An Unmarried Woman
    Top Ten Films

    An Unmarried Woman

  9. The Boys from Brazil
    Best Actor

    The Boys from Brazil

  10. Death on the Nile
    Best Supporting Actress

    Death on the Nile

  11. Comes a Horseman
  12. Movie Movie
    Top Ten Films

    Movie Movie

  13. Madame Rosa
    Top Foreign Films

    Madame Rosa

  14. Dear Inspector
    Top Foreign Films

    Dear Inspector

  15. A Slave of Love
    Top Foreign Films

    A Slave of Love

  16. Bread and Chocolate
    Top Foreign Films

    Bread and Chocolate