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Munich Film Festival

  1. Life on the Border

    Life on the Border

  2. Light Years

    Light Years

  3. Go Home

    Go Home

  4. The Open

    The Open

  5. The Black Hen

    The Black Hen

  6. Mr. Six

    Mr. Six

  7. Rabin, the Last Day
    Special Mention: ARRI/OSRAM Award

    Rabin, the Last Day

  8. The Nightmare

    The Nightmare

  9. Vanity


  10. Cats & Dogs

    Cats & Dogs

  11. Queen Bum

    Queen Bum

  12. 23 Kilometres

    23 Kilometres

  13. Road to La Paz

    Road to La Paz

  14. Ralé: The Lower Depths

    Ralé: The Lower Depths

  15. Mountain


  16. 3000 Nights

    3000 Nights

  17. Strange Days

    Strange Days

  18. Phoenix


  19. Little Bird

    Little Bird

  20. No One Knows About Persian Cats

    No One Knows About Persian Cats

  21. Jerichow


  22. Daf


  23. The State I Am In

    The State I Am In

  24. The Warm Money

    The Warm Money

  25. Ostwärts


  26. Providence