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Munich Film Festival

  1. Die Dasslers
    Best Film

    Die Dasslers

  2. Dinky Sinky
  3. The Hannas

    The Hannas

  4. That Trip We Took with Dad

    That Trip We Took with Dad

  5. Beat Beat Heart
    Spezialpreis Ensemblegeist & Energie

    Beat Beat Heart

  6. Auf Augenhöhe
    Kinderfilmfest Audience Award (Audience Award)

    Auf Augenhöhe

  7. 5 Women

    5 Women

  8. Mali Blues

    Mali Blues

  9. Hands of a Mother

    Hands of a Mother

  10. Unterwäschelügen


  11. Happy Hour

    Happy Hour

  12. Winter Song

    Winter Song

  13. Lost and Beautiful
    Honorable Mention: CineVision Award

    Lost and Beautiful

  14. Parisienne


  15. The Childhood of a Leader

    The Childhood of a Leader

  16. This Summer Feeling

    This Summer Feeling

  17. Frenzy


  18. The Pleasure Is Mine

    The Pleasure Is Mine

  19. Closet Monster

    Closet Monster

  20. Tikkun


  21. A War
    German Cinema Award for Peace

    A War

  22. Tanna


  23. Arianna


  24. Blood of My Blood

    Blood of My Blood

  25. Sunset Song

    Sunset Song

  26. From Afar

    From Afar

  27. Long Way North

    Long Way North

  28. Kill Me Please

    Kill Me Please

  29. Funeral


  30. I Promise You Anarchy

    I Promise You Anarchy

  31. Bleak Street

    Bleak Street

  32. All Three of Us
    Bayern 2 and SZ Audience Award (Audience Award)

    All Three of Us

  33. The Beginners

    The Beginners

  34. Bolshoi Babylon

    Bolshoi Babylon

  35. Argentina


  36. Free in Deed

    Free in Deed