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Moscow International Film Festival

  1. When We Leave

    When We Leave

  2. Brother
  3. The Albanian

    The Albanian

  4. It Begins with the End

    It Begins with the End

  5. Brought by the Sea

    Brought by the Sea

  6. Little Rose
    Best Director

    Little Rose

  7. Chaos


  8. Footsteps in the Sand

    Footsteps in the Sand

  9. Different Mothers

    Different Mothers

  10. Dear Alice

    Dear Alice

  11. Boxhagener Platz

    Boxhagener Platz

  12. The Cameramurderer

    The Cameramurderer

  13. Domain


  14. Reverse
    Best Film of the Perspectives Competition


  15. Julia's Disappearance

    Julia's Disappearance

  16. Solemn Promise

    Solemn Promise

  17. Cole


  18. About One Bird

    About One Bird

  19. Enlightenment Film

    Enlightenment Film

  20. Drifting


  21. An Earthy Paradise for the Eyes

    An Earthy Paradise for the Eyes

  22. Prince of Tears

    Prince of Tears

  23. Journey to the April

    Journey to the April