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Moscow International Film Festival

  1. Everybody Dies But Me

    Everybody Dies But Me

  2. For My Father
    Audience Award

    For My Father

  3. Zift
  4. Absurdistan


  5. The Moon and Other Lovers

    The Moon and Other Lovers

  6. Days and Clouds
    Best Actress

    Days and Clouds

  7. A Simple Heart
    Special Jury Prize

    A Simple Heart

  8. Virginity


  9. Live and Remember

    Live and Remember

  10. Awaking from a Dream

    Awaking from a Dream

  11. As Simple as That

    As Simple as That

  12. Don't Think About White Monkeys

    Don't Think About White Monkeys

  13. I'm Not There

    I'm Not There

  14. The Visitor
    Best Actor

    The Visitor

  15. Black Ice

    Black Ice

  16. Mao Tse Tung

    Mao Tse Tung

  17. Cumbia callera
    Best Film of the Perspectives Competition

    Cumbia callera

  18. The Quiet Storm

    The Quiet Storm

  19. Foul Gesture

    Foul Gesture

  20. The Initiated

    The Initiated

  21. L'Eclisse