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Moscow International Film Festival

  1. The Believer
  2. The Deep End

    The Deep End

  3. Under the Skin of the City
    Special Jury Prize

    Under the Skin of the City

  4. Sisters
    St. Anna Award


  5. Mortal Transfer

    Mortal Transfer

  6. Unfair Competition
    Best Director

    Unfair Competition

  7. The Quickie
    Best Actor

    The Quickie

  8. Peony Pavilion

    Peony Pavilion

  9. Herencia


  10. Mademoiselle


  11. Dancer in the Dark

    Dancer in the Dark

  12. Von Trier's 100 Eyes

    Von Trier's 100 Eyes

  13. Real Fiction

    Real Fiction

  14. Detector


  15. Keep Away from the Window

    Keep Away from the Window

  16. Wild Mussels
    Russian Film Critics Award

    Wild Mussels

  17. Wings of Glass
    Audience Award

    Wings of Glass

  18. The Difference

    The Difference

  19. The Silence of Men

    The Silence of Men