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Moscow International Film Festival

  1. 2nd Life

    2nd Life

  2. Ninety First

    Ninety First

  3. Lastochki Khristovy

  4. Matushka Feodosiya. Svidetelstva

  5. Travel to Childhood

    Travel to Childhood

  6. Dersu Uzala. Russian Dreams of Kurosawa

    Dersu Uzala. Russian Dreams of Kurosawa

  7. Eating an Elephant

    Eating an Elephant

  8. Cuba. Special Period

    Cuba. Special Period

  9. To Nicol

    To Nicol

  10. The Nature of Creativity

    The Nature of Creativity

  11. Incapable


  12. Tat'

  13. Like


  14. The Game

    The Game

  15. Pandemic


  16. Borderline


  17. Pirate's Soul

    Pirate's Soul

  18. We - Mean

    We - Mean

  19. The Trial

    The Trial

  20. Meat Jelly

    Meat Jelly

  21. Passages

  22. Sacrifice


  23. Game of Tags

  24. My Fiancee in Love with a Friend

  25. Through the Field

    Through the Field

  26. On the Ninth Day

  27. How Father Stole Some Snow for Mother

    How Father Stole Some Snow for Mother

  28. On Time

  29. Two Options

  30. Bunny in the Rain...

    Bunny in the Rain...

  31. The Power of Childhood

    The Power of Childhood

  32. A Fairy Tale

    A Fairy Tale

  33. The Last Illusion

    The Last Illusion

  34. Tooth


  35. Lucky Ticket

    Lucky Ticket

  36. Ethics of Debt