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Montréal World Film Festival

  1. The Constitution
    Best Film (Grand Prix des Amériques)

    The Constitution

  2. A Father's Will
    Best First Feature Film

    A Father's Will

  3. Echo
    Silver Zenith


  4. House Without Roof
    Grand Prix Special des Amériques

    House Without Roof

  5. Ken San
    Best Documentary

    Ken San

  6. The Plumber

    The Plumber

  7. Mother's Airfield

    Mother's Airfield

  8. Ashes


  9. Twenty Two

    Twenty Two

  10. Breadcrumbs


  11. Longing for a Kiss

    Longing for a Kiss

  12. While We Live

    While We Live

  13. Vengeance


  14. Beyond What Remains

    Beyond What Remains

  15. Diane from the Moon

    Diane from the Moon

  16. Silence
    Jury Prize (Short Films)


  17. Oxytocin


  18. The Session
    Best Short Film

    The Session

  19. Waterbaby


  20. The Couple
    Best Fiction Film (Student Films)

    The Couple

  21. Readers of the Holocaust
    Best Documentary Film (Student Films)

    Readers of the Holocaust

  22. Albert et Alma en Seize Temps
    Best Documentary

    Albert et Alma en Seize Temps

  23. Everybody Happy
    Best Director

    Everybody Happy

  24. The Fury
    Best Actress

    The Fury

  25. My Hindu Friend
    Best Actor

    My Hindu Friend

  26. The Chop

    The Chop

  27. Quelqu'un m'attend

    Quelqu'un m'attend