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Montréal World Film Festival

  1. Camille Claudel 1915

    Camille Claudel 1915

  2. 1,000 Times Goodnight

    1,000 Times Goodnight

  3. Finsterworld
    Bronze Zenith


  4. Wajma, an Afghan Love Story

    Wajma, an Afghan Love Story

  5. Stockholm


  6. Life Feels Good
  7. Monica Z

    Monica Z

  8. The Long Way Home

    The Long Way Home

  9. West
  10. At Middleton

    At Middleton

  11. Detour


  12. Philomirrophobia II

    Philomirrophobia II

  13. A Cinema of Discontent

    A Cinema of Discontent

  14. Horizon


  15. Ask This of Rikyu
    Best Artistic Contribution

    Ask This of Rikyu

  16. Ressac


  17. Another House

    Another House

  18. 82 Days in April

    82 Days in April

  19. Late for My Mother's Funeral

    Late for My Mother's Funeral

  20. Standstill


  21. Summer Crisis

    Summer Crisis

  22. The Don Juans

    The Don Juans

  23. Wolf's Milk
    Jury Prize (Short Films)

    Wolf's Milk

  24. Inspector Street

    Inspector Street

  25. Spieltrieb


  26. La distancia más larga
    Glauber Rocha Award

    La distancia más larga

  27. Here's the Deal

    Here's the Deal

  28. The Red Robin

    The Red Robin

  29. Jappeloup


  30. Feed Me
    Innovation Award

    Feed Me

  31. The Falling Feather

    The Falling Feather

  32. The Verdict
    Best Director

    The Verdict

  33. The Swimming Trunks

    The Swimming Trunks

  34. Landes
    Best Artistic Contribution


  35. Left Foot Right Foot

    Left Foot Right Foot

  36. Snails in the Rain

    Snails in the Rain

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