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Montréal World Film Festival

  1. Caterpillar


  2. Villain
    Best Actress


  3. The Day I Was Not Born

    The Day I Was Not Born

  4. Oxygen
  5. The Sentiment of the Flesh
    Bronze Zenith

    The Sentiment of the Flesh

  6. Limbo
    Best Director


  7. Route 132
    Best Actor

    Route 132

  8. It Begins with the End

    It Begins with the End

  9. Stray Bullet

    Stray Bullet

  10. Paper Birds
    Most Popular Film of the Festival

    Paper Birds

  11. Mozart's Sister

    Mozart's Sister

  12. Twelve Thirty

    Twelve Thirty

  13. The Three-Way Wedding

    The Three-Way Wedding

  14. sexting
    Jury Prize (Short Films)


  15. Shielded Sea

    Shielded Sea

  16. Rainy Seasons

    Rainy Seasons

  17. Plans for Tomorrow

    Plans for Tomorrow

  18. Truce


  19. A Little Help

    A Little Help

  20. Helena from the Wedding

    Helena from the Wedding

  21. Winter's End

    Winter's End

  22. Meeting with an Angel

    Meeting with an Angel

  23. Lost Legacy

    Lost Legacy

  24. Only Sound Remains

    Only Sound Remains

  25. The Circus
    Best Canadian Short Film

    The Circus

  26. Chaos


  27. Sword of Desperation

    Sword of Desperation

  28. Box


  29. Venice
    Best Artistic Contribution


  30. Princess


  31. Kolorádó Kid

    Kolorádó Kid

  32. Apnea


  33. Taxiphone: El Mektoub

    Taxiphone: El Mektoub

  34. Petty Letters and Love Crimes
    Special Grand Prize of the Jury

    Petty Letters and Love Crimes

  35. Silence Lies
  36. Sleep


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