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Montréal World Film Festival

  1. Right of Way

    Right of Way

  2. Resin


  3. Provenance


  4. Patricia: The Return from the Dream

    Patricia: The Return from the Dream

  5. My Transparent Heart

    My Transparent Heart

  6. The Lost Elephants
    Bronze Zenith - Best First Film

    The Lost Elephants

  7. Kill the Shadow

  8. Dominika


  9. Cacaya


  10. Behind the Column

    Behind the Column

  11. Upstream


  12. Unsung Heroes

    Unsung Heroes

  13. Unaware Control

  14. The Basics of Killing
    Best Actress

    The Basics of Killing

  15. Frozen Ignat

    Frozen Ignat

  16. Footprints

  17. Falling In/Out of Love

    Falling In/Out of Love

  18. Elvis Walks Home

    Elvis Walks Home

  19. Angie X

    Angie X

  20. Anna Karenina. Vronsky's Story
    Best Artistic Contribution

    Anna Karenina. Vronsky's Story

  21. And Suddenly the Dawn
    Grand Prix of the Americas (Best Film)

    And Suddenly the Dawn

  22. Noise


  23. In Perfect Health

    In Perfect Health

  24. Slap Happy

    Slap Happy

  25. The Hidden Sword
    Best Artistic Contribution

    The Hidden Sword

  26. Sweet Parents
    Silver Zenith - Best First Film

    Sweet Parents

  27. Veronica


  28. Watch The Sunset

    Watch The Sunset

  29. Appendix
    Best Screenplay


  30. My Mother

    My Mother

  31. Motherdaughtersister


  32. Black Heart

    Black Heart

  33. The Return
    Golden Zenith - Best First Film

    The Return

  34. On the Roof

    On the Roof

  35. Non ho l'eta

    Non ho l'eta

  36. Retour au Palais

    Retour au Palais