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Mar del Plata International Film Festival

  1. Intermezzo (Notes on Film 04)

    Intermezzo (Notes on Film 04)

  2. The State of Things

    The State of Things

  3. Montemor


  4. 101: Manoel de Oliveira as seen by Luis Miñarro

    101: Manoel de Oliveira as seen by Luis Miñarro

  5. The Shark's Eye

    The Shark's Eye

  6. My Psychoanalytic Notes

    My Psychoanalytic Notes

  7. The Dickslap

    The Dickslap

  8. Insurgents


  9. The Bella Vista
    Special Mention: Latin-American Film

    The Bella Vista

  10. Impenetrable


  11. Maddened by His Absence

    Maddened by His Absence

  12. The Dream of Lu

    The Dream of Lu

  13. Dark Horse

    Dark Horse

  14. Southwest


  15. Music According to Tom Jobim

    Music According to Tom Jobim

  16. Diamond Flash

    Diamond Flash

  17. Heavy Eyes

    Heavy Eyes

  18. Gaelle Obiegly

    Gaelle Obiegly

  19. The Last Death

    The Last Death

  20. Psychohydrography


  21. Tiresia


  22. The Pornographer

    The Pornographer

  23. The Shining

    The Shining

  24. The Beast Must Die

    The Beast Must Die

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