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Mar del Plata International Film Festival

  1. The Tiniest Place

    The Tiniest Place

  2. Juan of the Dead

    Juan of the Dead

  3. Without
    Best Actress


  4. Rose


  5. The Night Watchman

    The Night Watchman

  6. Photographic Memory

    Photographic Memory

  7. Back to Stay
  8. Sack Barrow

    Sack Barrow

  9. The Year of the Tiger

    The Year of the Tiger

  10. Dragonslayer


  11. Color Runaway Dog

    Color Runaway Dog

  12. Porfirio


  13. Low Definition Control - Malfunctions #0

    Low Definition Control - Malfunctions #0

  14. Take My Hand! Sticky Bloody Love

    Take My Hand! Sticky Bloody Love

  15. Burning Heads

    Burning Heads

  16. Implantation


  17. My Secret Life

    My Secret Life

  18. Conference (Notes on Film 05)

    Conference (Notes on Film 05)

  19. The Bad Intentions
    Best Ibero-American Film

    The Bad Intentions

  20. An Unhappy World

    An Unhappy World

  21. All Your Dead Ones

    All Your Dead Ones

  22. The Rebellion of Red Maria

    The Rebellion of Red Maria

  23. Vikingland


  24. Us Without Mom

    Us Without Mom

  25. Alias


  26. Cursed Bastards

    Cursed Bastards

  27. Ticket to Paradise

    Ticket to Paradise

  28. Elsa and Her Dancers

    Elsa and Her Dancers

  29. Imploding and Her

    Imploding and Her

  30. El Polonio

    El Polonio

  31. Deán Funes 841

    Deán Funes 841

  32. Versus


  33. The Mole

    The Mole

  34. Hypercrisis


  35. In the Open

    In the Open

  36. 18 Days

    18 Days