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Magritte Awards

  1. Loveless


  2. Happy End

    Happy End

  3. Double Lover

    Double Lover

  4. In Syria
  5. The Summer Movie

    The Summer Movie

  6. Racer and the Jailbird

    Racer and the Jailbird

  7. Past Imperfect

    Past Imperfect

  8. Kapitalistis


  9. Still Alive

    Still Alive

  10. Children of Chance

    Children of Chance

  11. With Thelma
    Best Short Fiction

    With Thelma

  12. Spit'n'Split


  13. Je suis resté dans les bois

    Je suis resté dans les bois

  14. The Belgian’s Road to Cannes

    The Belgian’s Road to Cannes

  15. Just To Be Sure

    Just To Be Sure

  16. Blind Spot
  17. This Is Our Land

    This Is Our Land

  18. Cargo


  19. Sonar
  20. I, Daniel Blake

    I, Daniel Blake

  21. Raw
  22. Home
  23. Graduation


  24. A Wedding
  25. A Woman’s Life

    A Woman’s Life

  26. Lost in Paris

    Lost in Paris

  27. King of the Belgians

    King of the Belgians

  28. The Confession

    The Confession

  29. 150 Milligrams

    150 Milligrams

  30. Even Lovers Get the Blues

    Even Lovers Get the Blues

  31. Don't Tell Her

    Don't Tell Her

  32. Burning Out
    Best Documentary

    Burning Out

  33. Mon Ange