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Los Angeles Film Festival

  1. Searching for Sugar Man
    Best International Feature (Audience Award)

    Searching for Sugar Man

  2. Beasts of the Southern Wild
    Best Narrative Feature (Audience Award)

    Beasts of the Southern Wild

  3. To Rome with Love

    To Rome with Love

  4. Thursday Till Sunday
    Special Mention: Best Narrative Feature

    Thursday Till Sunday

  5. A Band Called Death

    A Band Called Death

  6. Call Me Kuchu

    Call Me Kuchu

  7. Asad
    Best Short Film (Audience Award)


  8. Crazy & Thief

    Crazy & Thief

  9. The Pub
    Best Animated/Experimental Short

    The Pub

  10. Red Flag

    Red Flag

  11. Breakfast with Curtis

    Breakfast with Curtis

  12. The Chair
    Best Narrative Short

    The Chair

  13. Mr. Christmas

    Mr. Christmas

  14. The Iran Job

    The Iran Job

  15. Dead Man's Burden

    Dead Man's Burden

  16. Vampira and Me

    Vampira and Me

  17. Pincus


  18. Four
    Outstanding Performance


  19. A Night Too Young

    A Night Too Young

  20. The Compass Is Carried by the Dead Man

    The Compass Is Carried by the Dead Man

  21. Unforgivable


  22. Drought
    Best Documentary Feature


  23. Kudzu Vine
    Best Documentary Short

    Kudzu Vine

  24. Voice Over

    Voice Over