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Locarno International Film Festival

  1. Clouds of Sils Maria

    Clouds of Sils Maria

  2. Goodbye to Language

    Goodbye to Language

  3. Horse Money
  4. From What is Before

    From What is Before

  5. The Tribe

    The Tribe

  6. La sapienza

    La sapienza

  7. 15 Corners of the World
    Grand Prix SRG SSR - Semaine de la critique

    15 Corners of the World

  8. Listen Up Philip
    Special Jury Prize

    Listen Up Philip

  9. Two Shots Fired

    Two Shots Fired

  10. Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait

    Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait

  11. Los Hongos
    Special Jury Prize - Filmmakers of the Present

    Los Hongos

  12. Lucy


  13. Communists


  14. The Gold Bug

    The Gold Bug

  15. Christmas, Again

    Christmas, Again

  16. August Winds
    Special Mention

    August Winds

  17. The Fool
  18. The Absent

    The Absent

  19. The Shelter

    The Shelter

  20. Creep


  21. Razor Blade Cuts
    Golden Leopard - Filmmakers of the Present

    Razor Blade Cuts

  22. Buzzard
    Special Mention: Junior Jury Award (International Competition)


  23. Songs from the North
    Best First Feature

    Songs from the North

  24. The Princess of France

    The Princess of France

  25. Cure - The Life of Another

    Cure - The Life of Another

  26. Who Am I: No System Is Safe

    Who Am I: No System Is Safe

  27. A Young Poet
    Special Mention: Filmmakers of the Present

    A Young Poet

  28. The Iron Ministry

    The Iron Ministry

  29. À propos de Venise

    À propos de Venise

  30. Remake, Remix, RipOff

    Remake, Remix, RipOff

  31. Fort Buchanan

    Fort Buchanan

  32. The Hundred-Foot Journey

    The Hundred-Foot Journey

  33. Geronimo


  34. Mary’s Story
    Variety Piazza Grande Award

    Mary’s Story

  35. Fidelio, Alice's Journey

    Fidelio, Alice's Journey

  36. Gyeongju


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