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Locarno International Film Festival

  1. Dust


  2. The Landlords

    The Landlords

  3. Image Problem
    Special Mention: Junior Jury Award (International Competition)

    Image Problem

  4. Lullaby Ride

    Lullaby Ride

  5. The Swiss Miss Massacre

    The Swiss Miss Massacre

  6. Opération Libertad

    Opération Libertad

  7. Kill List

    Kill List

  8. The 3 Rs

    The 3 Rs

  9. Life Without Principle

    Life Without Principle

  10. The Pirogue

    The Pirogue

  11. KINO


  12. Hip Moves

    Hip Moves

  13. Sing Your Song

    Sing Your Song

  14. The Giant

    The Giant

  15. Family Nightmare

    Family Nightmare

  16. The Children from the Napf

    The Children from the Napf

  17. Meaning of Robots

    Meaning of Robots

  18. Summer Games

    Summer Games

  19. Quattro Hong Kong 2

    Quattro Hong Kong 2

  20. Chicago


  21. The Pit

    The Pit

  22. Rivers Return

    Rivers Return

  23. Mary & Johnny

    Mary & Johnny

  24. Gypaetus Helveticus

    Gypaetus Helveticus

  25. Carole Roussopoulos, une femme à la caméra

    Carole Roussopoulos, une femme à la caméra

  26. Bon Voyage

    Bon Voyage

  27. Stolen Seas
    Best Film (Swiss Critics Boccalino Award)

    Stolen Seas

  28. Viva Riva!

    Viva Riva!

    Leaving in 3 days
  29. Empire


  30. Points on a Line

    Points on a Line

  31. La Ménagerie de Betty

    La Ménagerie de Betty

  32. Down Terrace

    Down Terrace

  33. Impolex


  34. Fire & Rain

    Fire & Rain

  35. Beijing


  36. Robert Towne

    Robert Towne