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Locarno International Film Festival

  1. The Life and Ascension of Yuras Bratchik

    The Life and Ascension of Yuras Bratchik

  2. There Lived Kozyavin

    There Lived Kozyavin

  3. I Come from My Childhood

    I Come from My Childhood

  4. The Workers Settlement

    The Workers Settlement

  5. Luciano

  6. Believe Me, People

    Believe Me, People

  7. On the Steep Cliff

    On the Steep Cliff

  8. La tarde del domingo

    La tarde del domingo

  9. The Killers

    The Killers

  10. Carnival Night

    Carnival Night

  11. The Tight Knot

    The Tight Knot

  12. Water-mirror of Granada

    Water-mirror of Granada

  13. Bountiful Summer

    Bountiful Summer

  14. Cossacks of the Kuban

    Cossacks of the Kuban

  15. Symphony of Life

    Symphony of Life

  16. Spring


  17. The Train Goes East

    The Train Goes East

  18. Dark Is the Night

    Dark Is the Night

  19. The Invasion

    The Invasion

  20. Six O'Clock in the Evening After the War

    Six O'Clock in the Evening After the War

  21. Wait for Me

    Wait for Me

  22. Mashenka


  23. A Good Lad

    A Good Lad

  24. The Murderers Are Coming

    The Murderers Are Coming

  25. Dream


  26. The Hearts of Four

    The Hearts of Four

  27. The Shining Path

    The Shining Path

  28. A Musical Story

    A Musical Story

  29. Engineer Kochin's Error

    Engineer Kochin's Error

  30. Flourishing Youth

    Flourishing Youth

  31. Volga - Volga

    Volga - Volga

  32. Hans im Glück

  33. Circus


  34. Convicts


  35. Accidental Meeting

    Accidental Meeting

  36. A Severe Young Man

    A Severe Young Man