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Locarno International Film Festival

  1. Stages
    Special Mention: Filmmakers of the Present


  2. The Drummer

    The Drummer

  3. Japan Japan

    Japan Japan

  4. Our Private Lives

    Our Private Lives

  5. Little Moth
    Netpac Award

    Little Moth

  6. We Want Roses Too

    We Want Roses Too

  7. Borders of Europe #3 - Imatra
    Special Jury Prize - Filmmakers of the Present

    Borders of Europe #3 - Imatra

  8. Compilation, 12 Moments of Unshared Love

    Compilation, 12 Moments of Unshared Love

  9. The Yellow House

    The Yellow House

  10. Nothing But Ghosts

    Nothing But Ghosts

  11. Wrestling
    Special Mention: Cinema & Gioventù Jury Prize - Leopards of Tomorrow


  12. The Golden Helmet

    The Golden Helmet

  13. Strange Culture

    Strange Culture

  14. An Army of Ants

    An Army of Ants

  15. Possible Lives
  16. Free to Leave
    2nd Place: Youth Jury Award

    Free to Leave

  17. Captain Achab

    Captain Achab

  18. Star-Crossed


  19. Metamorphosis


  20. Protestation V

    Protestation V

  21. Winners and Losers

    Winners and Losers

  22. From the Ruins to the Rexistance

    From the Ruins to the Rexistance

  23. No One's Land

    No One's Land

  24. Stars


  25. Croire


  26. The Voyage in Italy

    The Voyage in Italy

  27. Handerson and the Hours

    Handerson and the Hours

  28. Bende Sira
    Silver Pardino - Leopards of Tomorrow

    Bende Sira

  29. Der Illetrist

    Der Illetrist

  30. Article 03

    Article 03

  31. The Queen of Condoms

    The Queen of Condoms

  32. Un altro mondo

    Un altro mondo

  33. Bruno Manser - Laki Penan

    Bruno Manser - Laki Penan

  34. Next Year in Jerusalem

    Next Year in Jerusalem

  35. Handing Over

    Handing Over

  36. Someone Beside You

    Someone Beside You