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DOK Leipzig

  1. Daddy's Girl

    Daddy's Girl

  2. Waves '98

    Waves '98

  3. Homeland (Iraq Year Zero)

    Homeland (Iraq Year Zero)

  4. The Event

    The Event

  5. The Other Side

    The Other Side

  6. The Wolfpack
    FIPRESCI Award

    The Wolfpack

  7. Under the Sun

    Under the Sun

  8. On Football

    On Football

  9. Magic Mountain

    Magic Mountain

  10. Erlking
    Golden Dove (International Competition Short Animated Film)


  11. North


  12. Quiet Zone

    Quiet Zone

  13. Shoulder the Lion

    Shoulder the Lion

  14. Lampedusa in Winter

    Lampedusa in Winter

  15. 9 Days: From my Window in Aleppo

    9 Days: From my Window in Aleppo

  16. Absences


  17. Cinema, mon amour

    Cinema, mon amour

  18. In Deep Waters

    In Deep Waters

  19. Oriented


  20. Dissonance


  21. Time Will Tell

    Time Will Tell

  22. Territory


  23. Scorched Water

    Scorched Water

  24. Factory Complex

    Factory Complex

  25. Train to Adulthood
    Golden Dove (Next Masters Competition)

    Train to Adulthood

  26. In the Distance

    In the Distance

  27. Gayby Baby

    Gayby Baby

  28. The Sleepwalker

    The Sleepwalker

  29. Erbarme Dich - Matthaus Passion Stories

    Erbarme Dich - Matthaus Passion Stories

  30. The Amina Profile

    The Amina Profile

  31. The Musical Dragon

    The Musical Dragon

  32. Queen Bum

    Queen Bum

  33. One Day in Sarajevo

    One Day in Sarajevo

  34. Home


  35. Work For One Day
    Healthy Workplaces Film Award

    Work For One Day

  36. Winter Love

    Winter Love

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