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DOK Leipzig

  1. Wallflower


  2. Animation Hotline

    Animation Hotline

  3. Outside


  4. Die Böhms: Architektur einer Familie

    Die Böhms: Architektur einer Familie

  5. Hotel 22

    Hotel 22

  6. Walking Under Water

    Walking Under Water

  7. Citizenfour
    Film Prize 'Leipziger Ring'


  8. Toto and His Sisters
  9. 15 Corners of the World

    15 Corners of the World

  10. The Moscow Trials

    The Moscow Trials

  11. In the Basement

    In the Basement

  12. Maidan
    Honorable Mention: International Competition Long Documentary


  13. The Shelter

    The Shelter

  14. National Diploma

    National Diploma

  15. Suddenly My Thoughts Halt

    Suddenly My Thoughts Halt

  16. Bear Story

    Bear Story

  17. Me and My Moulton

    Me and My Moulton

  18. Monkey Love Experiments

    Monkey Love Experiments

  19. The Bigger Picture
    Silver Dove (International Competition Animated Film)

    The Bigger Picture

  20. The Humanitarians

    The Humanitarians

  21. Still Born

    Still Born

  22. Am Kölnberg

    Am Kölnberg

  23. The Last Limousine

    The Last Limousine

  24. Whodunnit


  25. No Land's Song
    Prize of the Youth Jury

    No Land's Song

  26. Our Terrible Country

    Our Terrible Country

  27. Spartacus & Cassandra
    FIPRESCI Award

    Spartacus & Cassandra

  28. The Domino Effect

    The Domino Effect

  29. A Blue Room

    A Blue Room

  30. Bugarach


  31. From My Syrian Room

  32. Suleima


  33. Years of the Bridge

  34. xx-x-x-xx-weaved paper

  35. Watching the Ball

    Watching the Ball

  36. Walls

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