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DOK Leipzig

  1. Eatself


  2. Diorama


  3. The Principal Wife

    The Principal Wife

  4. On the Water
    Honorable Mention: International Competition Long Documentary and Animated Film

    On the Water

  5. Ojo Guareña

    Ojo Guareña

  6. No Obvious Signs
    MDR Film Prize

    No Obvious Signs

  7. I Had a Dream
  8. The Days and the Year

    The Days and the Year

  9. Charleroi, the Land of 60 Mountains

    Charleroi, the Land of 60 Mountains

  10. Kaal


  11. No Gravity

    No Gravity

  12. My Unknown Soldier

    My Unknown Soldier

  13. The Juggler

    The Juggler

  14. Architecture of Infinity

    Architecture of Infinity

  15. Separation, Vivid Dreams

    Separation, Vivid Dreams

  16. All Creatures Welcome

    All Creatures Welcome

  17. Dramatic and Mild

    Dramatic and Mild

  18. The Sisters

    The Sisters

  19. Ikea for YU

    Ikea for YU

  20. Nine Month War

    Nine Month War

  21. Down Escalation

    Down Escalation

  22. Share


  23. The Apollo of Gaza

    The Apollo of Gaza

  24. Days of Madness

    Days of Madness

  25. Hearths


  26. Mitra


  27. Backyard


  28. Roughhouse


  29. Dream Away

    Dream Away

  30. The Green and Pleasant Land

    The Green and Pleasant Land

  31. Call of Comfort

    Call of Comfort

  32. Facing the Beast

    Facing the Beast

  33. Petit Frere

    Petit Frere

  34. Ash and Ember

    Ash and Ember

  35. Doel


  36. Exit