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DOK Leipzig

  1. The Journey

    The Journey

  2. Curiosity and Control

    Curiosity and Control

  3. The Cure

    The Cure

  4. Chez jolie coiffure

    Chez jolie coiffure

  5. (M)Other


  6. Rules of Play

    Rules of Play

  7. Oro Blanco

    Oro Blanco

  8. No End

    No End

  9. Marina
  10. Man on Blue

    Man on Blue

  11. Court Sketch Artist

    Court Sketch Artist

  12. The Second Attack
    Honorable Mention

    The Second Attack

  13. Nightwanderers


  14. Le Ciel, la Terre et l'Homme

    Le Ciel, la Terre et l'Homme

  15. A Donkey Called Geronimo

    A Donkey Called Geronimo

  16. Breathing Life Into Stone
  17. Rhizoma


  18. Yellow Line

    Yellow Line

  19. The Republic's Couriers
    Honorable Mention

    The Republic's Couriers

  20. It's Going to Be Beautiful

    It's Going to Be Beautiful

  21. It's Breathing

    It's Breathing

  22. Tan


  23. Stress
    DEFA Sponsoring Prize


  24. Sentenced to Death

    Sentenced to Death

  25. Nijolė


  26. Cinema Morocco
    Golden Dove Next Masters Competition Long Documentary and Animated Film

    Cinema Morocco

  27. <3 (<3)

    <3 (<3)

  28. Young Hope

    Young Hope

  29. You Are Overreacting
    Honorable Mention: Best Animated Short Film

    You Are Overreacting

  30. The Sisters' Bedroom

    The Sisters' Bedroom

  31. The Notebook

    The Notebook

  32. Musical Traumas

    Musical Traumas

  33. Mitya's Love

    Mitya's Love

  34. Las del diente

    Las del diente

  35. Jail


  36. Eatself