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DOK Leipzig

  1. Soviet Hippies

    Soviet Hippies

  2. Lemon Tree

    Lemon Tree

  3. Clean Hands

    Clean Hands

  4. Baek-gu
    Golden Dove (Next Masters Competition)


  5. Harmony


  6. Muhi: Generally Temporary
    Golden Dove (German Competition Long Documentary and Animated Film)

    Muhi: Generally Temporary

  7. Greetings from Aleppo

    Greetings from Aleppo

  8. The Little One

    The Little One

  9. Inkotanyi


  10. Notes to My Father
    DOK Neuland Audience Award

    Notes to My Father

  11. Sunny Night

    Sunny Night

  12. Horizon


  13. Black Red Yellow

    Black Red Yellow

  14. On Another Corner

    On Another Corner

  15. Greater Than

    Greater Than

  16. Before the Bridge
    Healthy Workplaces Film Award

    Before the Bridge

  17. An Unforgettable Farewell

    An Unforgettable Farewell

  18. Alien
    Honorable Mention: Healthy Workplaces Film Award


  19. The Minister of Garbage

    The Minister of Garbage

  20. Still Alive

    Still Alive

  21. Silent War
    Film Prize Leipziger Ring

    Silent War

  22. Potentiae


  23. Genderblend


  24. Namrud: Troublemaker

    Namrud: Troublemaker

  25. Forgotten


  26. Dying Breed

    Dying Breed

  27. Burka Songs 2.0

    Burka Songs 2.0

  28. Anne Clark: I'll Walk Out Into Tomorrow

    Anne Clark: I'll Walk Out Into Tomorrow

  29. Granny Project
    MDR Film Prize for an Outstanding Eastern European Film

    Granny Project

  30. Trusted


  31. Sog


  32. Turtle Shells
    Healthy Workplaces Film Award

    Turtle Shells

  33. Foreign Bodies

    Foreign Bodies

  34. Touching Concrete

    Touching Concrete

  35. After the Future
    Honorable Mention: German Competition Long Documentary and Animated Film

    After the Future

  36. Strength and Cunning

    Strength and Cunning