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Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards

  1. Husbands and Wives

    Husbands and Wives

  2. The Crying Game

    The Crying Game

  3. Death Becomes Her
    2nd Place: Best Supporting Actor

    Death Becomes Her

  4. Howards End
    Best Actress

    Howards End

  5. Damage


  6. One False Move
    New Generation Award

    One False Move

  7. A River Runs Through It
    2nd Place: Best Music

    A River Runs Through It

  8. Passion Fish
    2nd Place: Best Actress

    Passion Fish

  9. It Wasn't Love
    Independent/Experimental Film and Video Award

    It Wasn't Love

  10. Black Harvest
    Best Documentary/Non-Fiction Film

    Black Harvest

  11. Enchanted April
    2nd Place: Best Supporting Actress

    Enchanted April

  12. Threat
    Best Documentary/Non-Fiction Film