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Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

  1. Talk to Her

    Talk to Her

  2. The Son

    The Son

  3. The Spanish Apartment
    Audience Award

    The Spanish Apartment

  4. Japan


  5. Lost in La Mancha

    Lost in La Mancha

  6. Decasia


  7. The Supplement

    The Supplement

  8. Waiting for Happiness

    Waiting for Happiness

  9. Bend It Like Beckham

    Bend It Like Beckham

  10. Ararat


  11. Strokes of Fire

    Strokes of Fire

  12. Bedtime Fairy Tales for Crocodiles
    Don Quijote award

    Bedtime Fairy Tales for Crocodiles

  13. The Invader

    The Invader

  14. The Cockettes

    The Cockettes

  15. School Trip

    School Trip

  16. Kedma


  17. Grill Point

    Grill Point

  18. El bonaerense

    El bonaerense

  19. Satin Rouge

    Satin Rouge

  20. Devil's Playground
    Special Mention: Best Documentary

    Devil's Playground

  21. Year of the Devil
    Crystal Globe

    Year of the Devil

  22. Burning in the Wind

    Burning in the Wind

  23. Cry Woman

    Cry Woman

  24. All About My Father

    All About My Father

  25. Britney Baby, One More Time

    Britney Baby, One More Time

  26. Fogbound


  27. Obec B.
    Best Documentary (30 Minutes or Less)

    Obec B.

  28. Neither Fish, Nor Fowl

    Neither Fish, Nor Fowl

  29. Nogo


  30. Ljubljana


  31. The Star

    The Star

  32. Hold My Heart

    Hold My Heart

  33. My Brother Silk Road

    My Brother Silk Road

  34. Bemani


  35. Chen Mo and Meiting

    Chen Mo and Meiting

  36. A Lucky Day

    A Lucky Day

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