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Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

  1. Homeland (Iraq Year Zero)

    Homeland (Iraq Year Zero)

  2. The Exquisite Corpus

    The Exquisite Corpus

  3. Dead Slow Ahead
    Best World Documentary

    Dead Slow Ahead

  4. Under the Sun
    Best Central and Eastern European Documentary

    Under the Sun

  5. Over the Years
    Best Feature Documentary

    Over the Years

  6. Call Me Marianna

    Call Me Marianna

  7. Flotel Europa
    Best Documentary Debut or Second Film

    Flotel Europa

  8. The Visit

    The Visit

  9. (T)ERROR


  10. Cinema, mon amour

    Cinema, mon amour

  11. Figure


  12. New Life
    Best European Documentary Short

    New Life

  13. Anthill


  14. By the Time We Got to Expo

    By the Time We Got to Expo

  15. Christ Lives in Siberia

    Christ Lives in Siberia

  16. Calling Ukraine

    Calling Ukraine

  17. Abdul & Hamza

    Abdul & Hamza

  18. The Network

    The Network

  19. Capital Cuba

    Capital Cuba

  20. Ettrick


  21. Always Here

    Always Here

  22. End of the World

    End of the World

  23. The Devastated Land

    The Devastated Land

  24. K2 Touching the Sky

    K2 Touching the Sky

  25. O que resta

    O que resta

  26. The Decent One

    The Decent One

  27. Relief


  28. Integration


  29. Guests


  30. Listed


  31. Cats in Riga

    Cats in Riga

  32. Hotel Straussberg

    Hotel Straussberg

  33. Collapse


  34. Drifter
    Special Mention: Silver Eye Award (Feature Documentary)


  35. Ulrich Seidl: A Director at Work

    Ulrich Seidl: A Director at Work

  36. Of Stains, Scrap & Tires

    Of Stains, Scrap & Tires

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