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Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists

  1. The Son's Room
  2. His Secret Life

    His Secret Life

  3. The Profession of Arms

    The Profession of Arms

  4. The Last Kiss
  5. Sleepless


  6. Unfair Competition

    Unfair Competition

  7. Super 8 Stories
    European Silver Ribbon

    Super 8 Stories

  8. The Knights of the Quest

    The Knights of the Quest

  9. Honolulu Baby

    Honolulu Baby

  10. Almost Famous

    Almost Famous

  11. Merci pour le chocolat

    Merci pour le chocolat

  12. The Hundred Steps

    The Hundred Steps

  13. What Lies Beneath
    Best Male Dubbing

    What Lies Beneath

  14. Gostanza da Libbiano

    Gostanza da Libbiano

  15. Holy Tongue

    Holy Tongue

  16. Ask Me If I Am Happy

    Ask Me If I Am Happy

  17. Johnny the Partisan

    Johnny the Partisan

  18. Rosa and Cornelia

    Rosa and Cornelia

  19. Our Years

    Our Years

  20. Almost Blue

    Almost Blue

  21. Here Is Not a Paradise

    Here Is Not a Paradise

  22. Placido Rizzotto

    Placido Rizzotto

  23. The Sky is Falling

    The Sky is Falling

  24. Medley


  25. RKO 281

    RKO 281