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Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists

  1. Anima Mundi
    Best Producer - Short Film

    Anima Mundi

  2. The Commitments

    The Commitments

  3. Mediterraneo


  4. Riff-Raff


  5. The Indian Runner
    Best Male Dubbing

    The Indian Runner

  6. Johnny Stecchino

    Johnny Stecchino

  7. Mississippi Masala
    Best Foreign Director

    Mississippi Masala

  8. I Thought It Was Love

    I Thought It Was Love

  9. The Yes Man

    The Yes Man

  10. Volere Volare

    Volere Volare

  11. The Flesh

    The Flesh

  12. Sweet War, Farewell

    Sweet War, Farewell

  13. The Invisible Wall

    The Invisible Wall

  14. Especially on Sunday

    Especially on Sunday

  15. Vito and the Others
    Best New Director

    Vito and the Others

  16. Ultrà


  17. Suffocating Heat

    Suffocating Heat

  18. Bix
  19. A Simple Story

    A Simple Story

  20. Red American

    Red American

  21. Meeting Venus
    European Silver Ribbon

    Meeting Venus

  22. Rossini! Rossini!

    Rossini! Rossini!

  23. Cyrano de Bergerac
  24. Reversal of Fortune

    Reversal of Fortune

  25. Hamlet


  26. Ferdinando, Man of Love

    Ferdinando, Man of Love

  27. Act of Sorrow

    Act of Sorrow

  28. Benvenuti in casa Gori

    Benvenuti in casa Gori

  29. The King's Whore

    The King's Whore

  30. Martha and I

    Martha and I

  31. The House of Smiles

    The House of Smiles