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Independent Spirit Awards

  1. A Serious Man
  2. A Single Man

    A Single Man

  3. Mother


  4. An Education
    Best Foreign Film

    An Education

  5. Precious
  6. Sin nombre

    Sin nombre

  7. Adventureland


  8. The House of the Devil

    The House of the Devil

  9. The Maid

    The Maid

  10. The Messenger

    The Messenger

  11. Humpday
    John Cassavetes Award


  12. Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo

    Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo

  13. Beeswax


  14. Gentlemen Broncos

    Gentlemen Broncos

  15. Cold Souls

    Cold Souls

  16. Big Fan

    Big Fan

  17. The Last Station

    The Last Station

  18. The Exploding Girl
    Producers Award

    The Exploding Girl

  19. Which Way Home

    Which Way Home

  20. The Vicious Kind

    The Vicious Kind

  21. Amreeka


  22. 45365
    Truer Than Fiction Award


  23. That Evening Sun

    That Evening Sun

  24. Redland


  25. Easier with Practice

    Easier with Practice

  26. October Country

    October Country

  27. The General

    The General

  28. Two Lovers

    Two Lovers

  29. Food, Inc.

    Food, Inc.

  30. Anvil! The Story of Anvil
    Best Documentary

    Anvil! The Story of Anvil

  31. Goodbye Solo

    Goodbye Solo

  32. Everlasting Moments

    Everlasting Moments

  33. Treeless Mountain

    Treeless Mountain

  34. Nights and Weekends

    Nights and Weekends

  35. Me and Orson Welles

    Me and Orson Welles

  36. Zero Bridge

    Zero Bridge

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