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Indiewire Critics' Poll

  1. The Social Network

    The Social Network

  2. Blue Valentine

    Blue Valentine

  3. Exit Through the Gift Shop

    Exit Through the Gift Shop

  4. Winter's Bone
  5. Another Year

    Another Year

  6. The Ghost Writer

    The Ghost Writer

  7. Carlos
  8. Animal Kingdom
  9. The Fighter
  10. Mysteries of Lisbon
    2nd Place: Best Undistributed Film

    Mysteries of Lisbon

  11. Film Socialisme
    Best Undistributed Film

    Film Socialisme

  12. The Kids Are All Right

    The Kids Are All Right

  13. Tiny Furniture
    3rd Place: Best First Feature

    Tiny Furniture

  14. Marwencol


  15. Tabloid


  16. The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceauşescu
    Best Undistributed Film

    The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceauşescu

  17. On Tour

    On Tour

  18. Oki's Movie
    3rd Place: Best Undistributed Film

    Oki's Movie

  19. Black Venus

    Black Venus

  20. The Oath

    The Oath

  21. Night Catches Us

    Night Catches Us

  22. Dogtooth


  23. Enter the Void

    Enter the Void

  24. Mother


  25. Fish Tank
    3rd Place: Best Supporting Performance

    Fish Tank

  26. I Am Love

    I Am Love

  27. White Material

    White Material

  28. Everyone Else
  29. Wild Grass

    Wild Grass

  30. Last Train Home
    3rd Place: Best Documentary

    Last Train Home

  31. Sweetgrass
    2nd Place: Best Documentary


  32. Secret Sunshine

    Secret Sunshine