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Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival

  1. Grit


  2. Warrior Women

    Warrior Women

  3. The Accountant of Auschwitz

    The Accountant of Auschwitz

  4. Active Measures

    Active Measures

  5. The Real Thing

    The Real Thing

  6. Letter From Masanjia

    Letter From Masanjia

  7. United Skates

    United Skates

  8. Blowin' Up

    Blowin' Up

  9. Carlotta’s Face

    Carlotta’s Face

  10. Tungrus


  11. Snowbirds


  12. What Walaa Wants
    DGC Special Jury Prize – Canadian Feature Documentary

    What Walaa Wants

  13. Work


  14. Vika
    Honorable Mention: Best Canadian Short Documentary


  15. Unknown Artist

    Unknown Artist

  16. Turning Tables

    Turning Tables

  17. The Traffic Separating Device

    The Traffic Separating Device

  18. Tibor


  19. Ruff and Tuff-Stranger Cole's Toronto Roots

    Ruff and Tuff-Stranger Cole's Toronto Roots

  20. Prince's Tale
    Best Canadian Short Documentary

    Prince's Tale

  21. Mommy Goes Race

    Mommy Goes Race

  22. Meatballs Couscous

    Meatballs Couscous

  23. Lotte That Silhouette Girl

    Lotte That Silhouette Girl

  24. The Last Refugees

    The Last Refugees

  25. I Am Bisha

    I Am Bisha

  26. Histories of Wolves

    Histories of Wolves

  27. Haunted
    Best International Short Documentary


  28. The Haircut

    The Haircut

  29. Grandmother and Me

    Grandmother and Me

  30. Carousel


  31. Bernie Langille Wants to Know... Who Killed Bernie Langille

    Bernie Langille Wants to Know... Who Killed Bernie Langille

  32. Siblings


  33. Cornered in Molenbeek

    Cornered in Molenbeek

  34. Circles


  35. The Broker

    The Broker

  36. Recovery Boys

    Recovery Boys