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Hong Kong Film Awards

  1. As Tears Go By
  2. Police Story 2
    Best Action Choreography

    Police Story 2

  3. Dragons Forever

    Dragons Forever

  4. School on Fire
    Best Supporting Actress

    School on Fire

  5. Painted Faces

    Painted Faces

  6. Tiger on the Beat

    Tiger on the Beat

  7. Chicken and Duck Talk

    Chicken and Duck Talk

  8. Gangs
  9. The Diary of a Big Man

    The Diary of a Big Man

  10. The Inspector Wears Skirts

    The Inspector Wears Skirts

  11. The Other ½ & the Other ½

    The Other ½ & the Other ½

  12. Starry is the Night

    Starry is the Night

  13. Rouge
  14. Last Eunuch in China

    Last Eunuch in China