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Havana Film Festival

  1. Breaking the Waves

    Breaking the Waves

  2. Deep Crimson
  3. Carla's Song
    Best Work of a Non-Latin American Director on a Latin America Subject

    Carla's Song

  4. Moebius
  5. Tieta of Agreste
    Best Supporting Actress

    Tieta of Agreste

  6. Fine Powder
    Special Mention: FIPRESCI Prize

    Fine Powder

  7. Buenos Aires vice versa
    Special Jury Prize

    Buenos Aires vice versa

  8. From Inside
    Gran Premio

    From Inside

  9. Ilona Arrives with the Rain
    Award of the Havana University

    Ilona Arrives with the Rain

  10. Between Marx and the Naked Woman
    Best Art Direction

    Between Marx and the Naked Woman

  11. Autumn Sun
    Best Actress

    Autumn Sun

  12. Out in the Open
    Special Mention: OCIC Award

    Out in the Open

  13. Salón México
    Best Film Poster

    Salón México

  14. Under the Skin

    Under the Skin

  15. Who Killed Pixote?
    Best Actor

    Who Killed Pixote?