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Goya Awards

  1. Contracuerpo


  2. Head-On
    Best European Film


  3. The Motorcycle Diaries
    Best Screenplay - Adapted

    The Motorcycle Diaries

  4. The Sea Inside

    The Sea Inside

  5. The Machinist

    The Machinist

  6. Whisky
    Best Spanish Language Foreign Film


  7. Machuca


  8. Ferpect Crime

    Ferpect Crime

  9. Don't Move

    Don't Move

  10. Being Julia

    Being Julia

  11. Salvador Allende

    Salvador Allende

  12. Only Human

    Only Human

  13. Moon of Avellaneda

    Moon of Avellaneda

  14. Roma
  15. Unconscious


  16. Bear Cub

    Bear Cub

  17. The 7th Day

    The 7th Day

  18. The Natural Route

    The Natural Route

  19. Isi/Disi - Amor a lo bestia

    Isi/Disi - Amor a lo bestia

  20. Hours of Light

    Hours of Light

  21. Atún y chocolate

    Atún y chocolate

  22. Héctor


  23. Tiovivo c. 1950

    Tiovivo c. 1950

  24. The Whore and the Whale

    The Whore and the Whale

  25. Cold Winter Sun

    Cold Winter Sun

  26. Atrévete y verás

    Atrévete y verás

  27. El Lobo
  28. Supertramps

  29. El Rey

    El Rey

  30. Romasanta: The Werewolf Hunt

    Romasanta: The Werewolf Hunt

  31. Pinocchio 3000
    Best Animation Film

    Pinocchio 3000

  32. Swindled


  33. The Bridge of San Luis Rey
    Best Costume Design

    The Bridge of San Luis Rey

  34. ¡Hay motivo!

    ¡Hay motivo!

  35. Body Confusion

    Body Confusion

  36. Girl with a Pearl Earring

    Girl with a Pearl Earring

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